Cosmetologist services

Our spa services take you away from the everyday hassle and calms your body and mind.

SPA Foot treatment 90min

Our foot treatment is a lovely choice for tired feet that are in need of relaxation. The feet are treated from the toes to the shin. The treatment includes a foot bath, cleansing (filing, cutting and filing of nails), peeling, massage, mask and nail polish if the customer so wishes. The customer gets to take her preferred nail polish home.

Please notice that the treatment is not suitable for you if you have deep cracks in your feet, an inflammatory condition, fungus or another contagious disease.

Hand treatment 45-60min

In the hand treatment we cleanse the hands together with a relaxing massage. The hand treatment is a conveniently compact pampering treatment for everyday or as a targeted treatment before an important event, where beautiful hands can bring confidence. The treatment includes filing of nails, hand bath, cleansing of nails and cuticles and massage. If the customer wishes to, we can also do nail polish.

SPA Hand treatment 90min

If your hands are in need of a more comprehensive pampering the spa hand treatment is the best choice. During the treatment we cleanse and moisturize the hands completely. The treatment includes filing of nails, hand bath, cleansing of nails and cuticles, peeling and massage, mask and nail polish.

Classic facial treatment 60 min

There are many things that affect the condition of the facial skin, from diet to climate, from work conditions to cosmetic products. The skin on the face should be treated by a cosmetologist always when the seasons change, even though there are no signs of imperfections. This way we can effectively prevent the aging of the skin.

The classic facial treatment includes cleansing, peeling, massage, mask and creams suitable for the skin.

PLUS-treatments for the facial treatment (+30min/addition)

  • Grooming of brows and colouring of brows and lashes
  • Intensive treatment of lips and the O-area (peeling, mask and massage)
  • Intensive treatment of the skin around the eyes (gentle peeling, mask, massage)
  • Vaxing of facial hair

Facial treatment series 5x60min

A classic facial treatment in a series of 5 times. A treatment done about once a week where our cosmetologist examines your skin and finds the best possible treatment for you. With the treatment series you get lovely results quickly and in all its versatility it’s also a great gift. All five treatment times should be used within two months from the first treatment.

Cleansing facial treatment 60 min

The cleansing facial treatment is meant for impure skin. During the treatment the skin is thoroughly cleansed with the aim of balancing and supporting the regrowth of the skin. The treatment includes cleansing of the skin, peeling, mechanical cleansing, mask and creams chosen for your own skin.

Pampering facial treatment 75min

The pampering facial treatment is suitable for you who just want to close your eyes and enjoy! This is a great present for someone you love. The pampering treatment includes cleansing of the skin, peeling, a longer massage, mask and creams suitable for your own skin.

Decolletage treatment 60min

The decolletage is an area of our skin that we usually overlook, although its skin needs the same treatment as the facial skin. Because of this we have created a special treatment for the decolletage including cleansing of the neck and decolletage, peeling, massage, mask and neck cream.