Hair salon services.

We offer all hair services such as haircuts, colouring and curl treatments.

We also offer hair extensions, shaving and different hair and scalp treatments.

We love the opportunity to create new looks. Our professional hairstylists specialize in designing new hairstyles, colour hair with special techniques and creative highlights. Our passion towards the hair industry and continuous education offers up-to-date trends and techniques for your enhanced customer experience.

Creating coiffures is especially close to our hearts. With our skilled and experienced team, we create spectacular coiffures for all kinds of events, from smaller to larger. You can book an appointment for a wedding or celebration coiffure – and don’t forget about our make-up services.

At Cava we want to offer a touch of luxury both for everyday life as well as for certain events. So please remember that you can join Cava with a group of friends when getting ready for your party! Don’t forget, we also offer tinting of your eyelashes and brows and re-shaping of your eyebrows while we fix your hair!