We provide Microblading of brows, Yumi lashes permanent lashlift and brow lamination.

Our services regarding permanent make-up is always started with a careful consultation where we go through the customers preferences, wishes, facial features and skin type. 


Microblading, or eyebrow designing, helps you to get a durable design to your eyebrows. You can get permanent eyebrown looking fully natural or get a more notable look. The first treatment takes 2-2,5 hours (including planning and meticulous measurements).  The price of the microblading always also include an enhancement 1-2 months after the first treatment. The durability is about 10-12 months after which a yearly maintenance is recommended.

Microblading is a moderna half-permanent tattoo. The brows are shaped with a hair technique with the help of a blade and pigment. The end result is always a real-looking brow. A natural eyebrow with no make-up. The treatment will need an enhancement 4-8 weeks after the first treatment. 

Microblading + Shading

As an addition to the Microblading treatment you can do a Shading by adding pigment also to the skin in between the hairs. The end result depends on the amount of shading and the implementation, either so that the brow looks very natural or looks like it has make-up on. Works well for covering up an old pigmentation, to correct the shape of the eyebrow or e.g. if you don’t have much of your own eyebrow at all. By adding shading the end result is more naturalt han with the Microblading itself, and gives the brows a three-dimensional look.

Microblading maintenance

Microblading requires maintenance about once a year. The price for the maintenance includes a 2h treatment max. If there’s been more time since the microblading and the brows have faded so that the measurements and the design have to be done from scratch and needs mor enhancement than a usual treatment the price is set by the primary microblading (incl. enhancement). If you need a fixing of the design of your old eyebrows it is done by an hourly rate. The prices are found in our price list.

Permanent lashlift and lamination of brows

Yumi Lashes -permanent lashlift and dying of lashes

Instead of a regular lashlift Yumi lashes lift your lashes upwards and gives your lashes length, hight and volume and makes your lashes look longer and thicker. Highlights the natural beauty of your eyes with a unique permanent lashlift and dying of your lashes.

The treatment enhances the look of your own natural lashes, without extensions or glue. The result of the treatment lasts 8-10 weeks, which is the normal lifespan of eyelashes. The treatment is done again within 8-12 weeks.

Lamination and dying of eyebrows

When laminating brows, the texture of the brows are changed so that they are more easily shaped. When laminating the hair is lifted by the root and the brow looks thicker and more spectacular. This way the brows look well-groomed for a longer time. In connection to the treatment the brows can be shaped and dyed. Lamination of brows can be done again after a minimum of 8 weeks. Lamination is usually done again after 8-12 weeks.