The team at Cava is connected by a love for beauty and beauty care.

We are a group of beauty industry professionals who have a genuine passion for the work and for constantly developing ourselves and our knowledge. Get to know us more on this page!


Master Stylist

Ninni is the owner and big boss of Cava.

Ninni has worked in the hair business as a hairdresser and make-up artist since 2006. Ninni has deepened her knowledge of beauty care at the Laurea University of Applied Sciences and graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in beauty in 2015.

Ninni is inspired by following the changing trends, the stars in the hair business, the customers and of course her skilled co-workers. Ninni works mostly with administration and as a mentor for the Trainee stylists.


Master Stylist

Anna is a long-term professional, trained hairdresser, make-up artist and Bachelor of Beauty.

Anna has been in the industry since 1997. Besides working in salons she has for a long time worked as a teacher in the fields of hair as well as make-up.

As a person Anna is cheerful and positive. Anna especially loves cutting hair, which you can see in her work. With her experience Anna creates hair and make-up ensembles with uncompromising quality. Anna’s specialities are creating ambitious coiffures and make-ups.


Master Stylist

Maarit is a top-notch professional when it comes to hair.

Maarit has worked in the hair business since 1981. Her passion is glorious designs and colour combinations.


Master Stylist

Minna is specialised in hairstyles and make-up.

Minna has worked in the business since 2007. When working Minna wants to be present and carefully listen to the customer’s thoughts and wishes. Quality is number one for Minna and that’s something she’s not willing to compromise.

Minna is specialised on brides and her favourite work is definitely hairstyles and make-ups.


Master Stylist

Ani is a hairstylist and make-up artist devoted to her work and has worked in the industry since 2012.

Ani is very passionate about her work and wants to continuously take her know-how forward. She mentions lightenings and make-ups as her favourite tasks. Furthermore she loves doing big transformations both in haircuts and colouring.

As a person Ani is positive and humorous, there will never be a dull moment in Anibanani’s chair. When consulting her customer Ani always try to fullfill her customer’s wishes all while giving suggestions and plan a entirety suitable for the customer.


Senior Stylist

Emilia is a hairdresser who loves polka hair and highlights.

Emilia has worked in the hair business since 2012. She especially enjoys planning entireties. Emilia develops herself actively through trainings and her special strength is transforming the customer’s wishes and needs to creative solutions, and all with great customer service.


Senior Stylist

Henni is a happy customer server and hairdresser working in the industry since 2007.

Henni is a happy hairdresser who carefully focuses on her work. She listens carefully to her customers wishes and tries to find the best possible individual end result. One of her favourite tasks is hairstyles.


Master Stylist

Hilda is a relaxed and fun loving hair professional

Hilda creates hairstyles from the bottom of her heart and she always welcome people as they are. It is extremely important for Hilda that customers feel welcomed and appreciated.

Hilda loves to create projects by using different highlighting and colouring techniques. Continuous competence and self-development are highly important for Hilda.


Senior Stylist

Julia is a hairdresser for whom precision and quality of finish are key factors which she’s not willing to compromise.

Julia has been working in the hair business since 2015. A positive customer experience is especially important for Julia. Julia is very interested in morphology and for that reason different technical haircuts and hairstyles are especially close to her heart. When it comes to colouring Julia loves to do light colours and large scale lightening projects.



Minja is a creative and visual make-up artist as well as a pro in the hair business.

Minja has worked as a make-up artist on different shows, photo shoots and theater and opera productions. Minja has worked fulltime as a hairdresser since spring 2019 and Minja has gained lots of experience from working with customers. Minja graduated as hairdresser in the spring of 2020 with top grades.

Minja is from Ostrobothnia and describes herself as a bright dreamer who loves to get to know new people. Minja has always loved beautiful things and been visually precise. She loves her job where she can use her creativity and visuality as well as be in contact with people. As her favourite tasks she mentions hairstyles, make-ups and men’s haircuts.


Microblading Artist / Stylist

Juuli is Cavas own pupil when it comes to hair and is a certified microblading artist.

Juuli has worked in Cava since 2018 and has graduated as hairdresser via apprenticeship. Juuli is our multitalent that has shown special talent in creating hairstyles. Juuli follows trends closely and is always the first one to know about changes in the industry.

Juuli executes professionally modern microbladings with Swiss Colors clean and hypoallergenic pigments. Juuli also offers lamination of brows (Brow Lift) and permanent curling of lashes (Yumi lash lift).


Kosmetologi / Make-up Artist

Nanna is a make-up artist with a brilliant eye for colour and a cosmetologist.

Nanna has close to 20 years of experience in the industry. Her passion for the business has not faded, on the contrary, Nanna still wants to learn more and she develops herself actively.

Nanna has sold cosmetics for over 15 years so she has a very broad knowledge of products and knowledge of make-up and cosmetics overall. She loves to do make-up consultations and her customer events have been super popular. In her work as a cosmetologist the most importat thing for her is to offer the customer a moment of total relaxation.


Trainee Stylist

Annika is a hairdresser who graduated with top grades.

Annika graduated as hairdresser in 2020. She is a positive customer server who easily can make the customer feel like home. She likes to challenge herself and she has a great passion for developing her expertise.