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Cava offers a comprehensive portfolio of hair services such as haircuts, hair colors and curling. We
also offer hair extensions, shaving and different hair- and scalp treatments.

We would love the opportunity to create a new look for you. Our professional hair stylists specialize in
designing new hair styles , hair colors with special techniques and creative color highlights. Our
passion towards hair-industry and continuing education from esteemed academies offers up-to-date trends and techniques for your enhanced customer experience.

With our skilled and experienced team, we create spectacular coiffures for all kinds of events from
small parties to weddings and large corporate events. Don’t forget to reserve an appointment for our make-up services, we offer also tinting of your eyelashes and re-shaping of your eyebrows.

Remember, that you can join Cava with a group of friends or colleagues when getting ready for your special event!


Make-up for special events or even a specialized appointment for an individual lesson are one of Cava´s specialties. Our Team consists of four professional make-up artists. We have the confidence and broad experience we can create the make-up you desire for large variety of events such as weddings, fashion events or exhibitions.

Consultation appointment: During your consultation visit we create a casual or party make-up according to your own wish. We will guide you through a step by step process for your personal make-up. At the same consultation visit we will also find the best make-up products and colors for you. We will also guide you how to highlight the best features of yourself, for your personal makeup. You can book a make-up consultation visit for yourself, you can do it together with your friends or you can come with a larger group as well!



Customer events

Cava provides excellent opportunities for arranging customer events. We are pleased to arrange hair or make-up consultation events in our facilities for different groups: friends, business groups, bachelorette groups, pre-Christmas parties etc. You can reserve our facilities and our friendly Cava Team to prepare you and your friends for your special event.

We tailor our events according to your wishes. The possibilities and combinations are endless! Please contact us via e-mail or telephone or just drop by at our shop – let’s arrange an event that fits exactly for your needs.


At Cava you can start your wedding day with glass of sparkling wine! Our wedding coiffure prices include a personal consultation visit with a professional hair stylist. During the consultation , we will discuss the bride’s style and wishes for the best fit, paying special attention to the smallest details, such as the wedding dress, jewellery and decorations.

Also including one test make-up consultation session, creating a look using the best colors and tones for the bride.

In order to make the wedding day perfect, we also shape the eyebrows for the bride during the consultation session.

It’s common to get coiffures and make-ups done also for the brides maids and wedding ceremony guests. Our professionals are capable of servicing larger groups as well. You can even book the entire Cava facilities for your wedding group!
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