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Master Stylist

Ninni is the founder and owner of Cava Hair & Make-Up. Ninni has been in hairstyling business since 2006. After finishing upper secondary school she decided to become a hairdresser and make-up artist. Ninni has also earned her Bachelor’s degree in beauty from Laurea University of Applied Sciences in December 2015. In addition to working in commercial hairstyling business, she has worked as a hairstyling teacher & instructor. As a person Ninni is cheerful and adventure-loving. She is always ready to learn new things and to develop herself and others. Ninni is inspired by customers, new trends, world class experts in hair business and of course by her skilled team members. Ninni loves to create new hair designs, colors and make-up concepts for her customers. She always demands precision and complete perfection from herself. Ninni´s vision for Cava Hair & make-up is simple. She wants to provide exceptional service experience for her customers in a relaxed environment, leaving customers looking great and feeling confident.


Master Stylist

Anna is a long-term professional in hair styling, creating make-ups and teaching. Anna holds a Bachelor’s degree in beauty and she is professionally trained hairdresser and make-up artist. Anna has been in business since 1997. In addition to Anna´s experience in business environment she has a long career as a hairstyling and make-up teacher. Professional development and continuous learning is especially important for Anna. As a person Anna is cheerful and positive. New hair designs are Anna´s passion. She creates hair designs and make-ups with uncompromising quality. Anna’s specialties are ambitious coiffures and make-ups. Anna serves her customers in addition to Finnish language also in Swedish and English.


Master Stylist

Maria is a person with a great sense of humor. Maria’s roots are in Isokyrö and this can be seen in her outgoing personality. Maria has been in hair business since 2007 and she is professionally trained hairstylist and make-up artist. Maria is a professional with extreme braveness and full of new ideas. Maria loves creating new styles for her customers and she is always ready to confront even the most challenging hair projects. Maria’s passion is to build ambitious coiffures and makeups for her customers.


Master Stylist

Maarit is the diamond professional in hair business. She has worked in the hair industry since 1981. Her professional areas of passion are creation of glorious hair designs and color combinations for her customers.


Master Stylist

Minna is our newest hairstyling professional in Team CAVA. Minna has over 10 years of experience as a professional hairstylist and as a Hair Saloon business owner. Minna’s strengths are close presence with customer, ability to listen customer’s wishes and capability to transform these wishes to reality with high precision and quality. Quality is the number one driver for Minna and it’s is something that she’s is not willing to compromise in any case.

As a professional hairstylist Minna appreciates traditional skills such as classical haircuts and she’s also eager to develop her skills and bring her competence to the next level. Minna’s passion is to create corgeous updo’s and make-up’s for her customers.

Minna serves her customers in Finnish and English.


Senior Stylist

Emilia has joined Hairstyling business in 2012. Emilia is very determined professional and she enjoys designing and creating total solutions, creative highlights and polka lenght technical cuts. Emilia is eager to develop's herself through trainings and workhops and her special strenght is transforming customer wishes to creative solutions.

Emilia serves her customers in Finnish and English.


Senior Stylist

Julia is our team’s latest professional reinforcement. Julia has graduated as a professional hairdresser with top-notch grades. Julia is full of young professional’s excitement and she is very passionate towards hairstyling business. Julia creates also glorious beauty make-ups, with extreme precision. As a person Julia is very calm with great attitude and positive mindset. Julia loves to create hair designs and colour combinations with the aim to go beyond customer expectations. Julia serves her customers in addition to Finnish also in English.



Kira is our Team’s latest professional reinforcement. Kira has graduated as a professional hairdresser in December 2016. Kira is passionate about the hair industry and she is very enthusiastic to develop her competence on a continuous basis. Kira is very precise and skilled in her work and she always listens the voice of the customer to fulfill the customer requirements in the best possible way.

Professional Make-up is one of Kira’s knowhow areas and she has special interest in creating demanding make-up art. Sky’s the only limit for the Creativity of Kira, while creating glorious hair and make-up work for her customers.


Junior Stylist

Ly is our new Junior Stylist and she has graduated in May 2018. Ly always provides positive and joyful customer service. Already when she started studying to become a professional hair stylist, she possessed a clear vision and passion to become one of the top professionals. Ly enjoys creating comprehensive hair design’s and one of her specialties are artistic braids.

As a Junior Stylist Ly is being mentored and coached by our experienced Team of Master Stylists.

Ly serves her customers in Finnish, English and Estonian.



Juuli is our multitalented trainee and she serves her customers in finnish and english.

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